There Has Been A DePuy ASR Recall By the FDA, As Of 08/26/2010.
The DePuy ASR Has Been Withdrawn And Recalled From The Market

Depuy ASR Recall

hmndepuyasrrecall Depuy ASR Recall
Depuy ASR Recall Has Occured!

Medical history of recent years is strewn with the skeletons of many medical devices that failed to live up to the promises made by their manufacturers.  Unfortunately, the defects are detected only after numerous patients have used them.  This means that those patients suffered or are suffering physical, mental and financial hardships owing to the failure of the product in which he or she had invested much faith, time and money.  Depuy ASR hip implant is such a device that has had a higher than normal failure rate.

Damages to the hip occur due to regular wear and tear or as a result of disease, accident or injury.  Hip replacement surgery is supposedly the best and longest lasting remedial tactic.  People go for hip surgery to reduce the pain and improving mobility so that they can continue with their lives without added problems.  Before resorting to surgery, many doctors resort to stop gap measures like exercises, walking aids or medication, but in serious cases, surgery is the only option.  The Depuy ASR hip was implanted in thousands of patients around the globe, but many patients came back with recurring hip problems within a short period of time.

Medical investigations pointed out the fact that the device fails to bond properly resulting in a loose implant. This requires a revision surgery to remove and replace the device. The product, it seems, has the propensity to leave metal ions on the surrounding tissues, which in turn results in preventing the cup from bonding.

The adverse effects left by the product caught the attention of medical practitioners.  Another notable factor here is that the manufacturing company, Depuy, which is an affiliate of Johnson & Johnson, has taken note of the situation.

There Has Been A DePuy ASR Recall By the FDA, As Of 08/26/2010.
The DePuy ASR Has Been Withdrawn And Recalled From The Market

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